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Deep Listening Retreat


Coming Back Home to Yourself


If you are quiet enough,
You will hear the flow of the Universe.
You will feel its rhythm
Go with this flow. Meditation is the key.

Would you like some time out to remember who you are and what’s really important?
Are you ready to let your body unwind, your mind quiet down and your heart soften?

In this retreat you will enter into sacred space where you can breathe the fresh air of your True Nature. Through turning the attention inwards and emptying out all the clutter from the mind, you will rediscover inner stillness and silence. By slowing down, the nervous system can settle, and the heart can naturally soften and open to embrace yourself and others with kindness. A natural sense of joy and embodied aliveness arises.

The retreat focuses on:

• Listening more deeply to your own soul
• Listening more deeply to others, from a space of stillness and heartful presence
• Listening more deeply to Mother Earth and how you may be called to serve right now
• Learning to hold everything in spacious awareness, letting everything be as it is
• Bringing more mindfulness into your practice and presence into your life.

Within you there is a stillness and sanctuary
to which you can retreat at any time and be yourself.
— Hermann Hesse

Deep Listening


~A two-day retreat with a difference~

October 24-25th

Both days = $150 – Just Saturday= $100

Attend virtually for $75 – $100 for both days

Wisdom comes with the ability to be still.
Just look and listen. No more is needed.
~Eckhart Tolle

Contact and Location

Phone: (828) 484-8579‬

1700 New Stock Rd  - Weaverville, NC 28787

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