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The spiritual nourishment you receive on our sacred land is amplified by the various treatments we offer in our healing spa. Give yourself the gift of any one of our sessions, to support you in unwinding stress and tension, and relaxing more deeply into a state of inner well-being of body, heart and mind. You can also purchase a package to benefit from all our various offerings.

Hot Tub ~ $25/hour

• Improves range of motion, eases sore muscles and back pain, relieves symptoms of arthritis, and offers relief from the symptoms of Fibromyalgia.

• Decreases anxiety and stress, produces better sleep.
• Powerful jets target all the areas of the body, giving relief for lower back pain, shoulders and neck.

Infra-Red Sauna ~ $25/hour

Detoxification, Increased metabolism and weight loss, muscle pain relief, eases joint pain and stiffness, improves sleep, reduces stress and fatigue, improves skin tone by reducing the effects of aging.

Ozone Steam ~ $60/30 mins

Ozone therapy bonds with viruses, bacteria, and other toxic organisms and dissipates them on contact. Clients are seated in a warm (not hot) misty steam cabinet. High-powered oxygen (ozone) enters through the side of the cabinet and produces powerful healing effects.

Combo Package: Hot Tub, Ozone Steam, Infra-Red Sauna ~ $75/90 minutes

Body Work  $95/60 mins, $140/90 mins

Deep Tissue, Swedish, Neo Reichian, and Shiatsu available. Helps reduce muscle tension, improves circulation, stimulates the lymphatic system, reduces stress hormones, increases joint mobility and flexibility, tones meridians and organs and enhances well-being and relaxation.

Ionic Foot Bath ~ $30/session

Enhances your immune system by pulling toxins from the body, removes heavy metals, improves memory and sleep, and relieves muscle pain.

Bio Mat ~ $20/session

Gemstones in the mat release far infrared rays and negative ions to relieve chronic pains, restore energy, relax the mind and body. Infrared rays can even penetrate to the bone, stimulating blood circulation, and is a proven element in the reduction of tension and stress whether physical or neurological. Hot stone heating pad helps with chronic fatigue, arthritis, injuries, chronic pains in the back and joints, elevated blood pressure, sleep disorders and many other conditions.

healing spa services near asheville
healing spa services near asheville
hot tub at Samasati Sanctuary
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