life passage ceremonies and retreats

Life Passage Ceremonies and Retreats

Rajyo facilitates Life Passage private and group ceremonies and retreats. Each are individually designed and tailored. They are powerful ways to consciously navigate major transitions in one’s life.  She is dedicated to providing meaningful rites of passage ceremonies to support individuals in releasing outmoded habits of the ego-mind, and gaining perspective as you embark into a new phase of Life.  In a true Rite of Passage, the following elements are needed: 

  • A safe and sacred container and context for the initiation, to help you step into and embody a deeper sense of wholeness
  • A deeper sense of purpose and meaning, which supports you to bring your authentic gifts to the community
  • Genuine sovereignty as a whole and soulful person

Life Passage ceremonies and retreats bring you into a deep encounter with yourself and the truth of who you were born to be.  A Life Passage is for you if you are going through a life transition, turning point or crossroads—and you are calling in an expanded and fresh way of being in the world.

Are you ready to be more truly yourself? Ready to grow a greater sense of belonging and self-worth? Ready to find your Soul’s deeper purpose and direction in life? Then join us for a Life Passage ceremony or retreat.

Rajyo and Vinit Allen
email: - Phone: (828) 484-8579‬

1700 New Stock Rd  - Weaverville, NC 28787

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