Stepping out of the Matrix

by | Sep 30, 2020 | Healing, Life

Last Sunday morning, my partner Vinit and I gave ourselves unstructured time out to do nothing except to drop out of the world, drop in on a deeper level to ourselves, and connect more deeply with each other. We both came to the realization of how important it is to step out of the matrix—the busy, materialist, consensual reality—for a moment to remember who we are and what is real on a deeper level. In these days of lies and disinformation constantly bombarding us, it’s hard to know which way is up or down, and what the truth really is.

We saw how many ways the matrix has us in its grip. The matrix of technology, which is so all pervasive these days, the matrix of social media, the perils of which are coming to light now with the movie “Social Dilemma” (a must see, available on Netflix). The matrix of politics, with its polarized and intimidating implications. The matrix of the world as we know it, which to all appearances, seems to be falling apart before our very eyes. The matrix of time, which has most of us on a treadmill of some sort, trying to keep up with very full schedules. Then there’s the matrix of the mind, where we must each begin to free ourselves from the particular habits, patterns and conditionings that keep us trapped in our personality (our “prisonality” as my friend Neal Rogin has termed it).

This is big, ongoing work to free ourselves from the Matrix. By stepping out from it you begin to taste the freedom and possibility that is available to us, that all the spiritual masters have been speaking about and modeling for us.

The mind may think that this is spiritual bypassing or denying the important work that needs to be done in the world. On the contrary, taking time to stop, come back Home to yourself and reconnect with who you truly are allows you to come into resonance with yourself and with the Unified Field that is the source of all life. Especially at a time like this, where every issue from climate change to social justice is so urgent and critical, remembering who you are and responding (rather than reacting) from a place of integrity and equilibrium is so important.

A good way to tell if you are in resonance with yourself and Source/Spirit/God is to check in with your body. Your finely tuned nervous system will let you know when you are in resonance. When it is, it feels vibrant and alive, yet relaxed and resourced. You feel connected to a deeper intelligence within. This is very different to the dissonance you feel when you’ve spent too much time down the rabbit hole on social media, your mind is scrambled and your body tense and twisted. You may feel exhausted, overwhelmed, fearful, reactive or just shut down, contracted and numb.

As intense as these times are, there is a higher guidance wanting to make itself known to us if we can just get quiet enough to listen. When we are in resonance with ourselves and this field of intelligence and Love, we can sense this presence. From this place, we can participate, contribute, and make a difference without feeling exhausted and overwhelmed. We can maintain a sense of caring, kindness, compassion, love and even joy amidst all the challenges and suffering.

This is perhaps our greatest contribution. Just think about the Dalai Lama and his humble and simple laughter, and the huge difference he makes on the planet. He spends four hours of practice a day, to make sure he is coming from a place of connection within and non-attachment without.

This is why it is important to put our own oxygen mask on first. By recognizing when you are caught up in the matrix, by seeing and sensing where there is a sense of dissonance, you can gently and wisely unplug and do whatever it takes to come back Home to yourself. Movement helps, meditation is essential, simply stopping and breathing is important to return to and remember who you are. From here we can be the wise elders that this world so desperately needs right now (no matter what your age). This is the spiritual heavy lifting we have to do inside ourselves.

Samasati is a space for you to come Home to yourself. We are dedicated to creating a Sanctuary for the Soul, a place of Spaciousness, Silence, Sangha, Sacredness, and Celebration. It is a breath of fresh air for world weary folks to reconnect with their Soul. We hope you will come and join us in bringing back a sense of the sacred into your life and into the world.


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