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Community Events Offered by Samasati

Be sure to check our calendar to confirm that a scheduled event is still happening. We also request that you rsvp via email or on our site that you will be attending so that you can be informed in case of cancellation.

All events are by donation except where otherwise noted. Freely given donations are gratefully accepted.

Note that we are taking precautions to make sure everyone is safe and cared for, with proper distancing and hygiene measures.

Love the Land Days

Love the Land

Spring is here at last! We can feel it in the land waking up after the long winter slumber. The bulbs are peeking their heads out and the buds are beginning to blossom.

It’s been a long hard year of sheltering in place and for some being largely alone and isolated. As things open up, we invite you to come together in the community to share a love for the land and for each other.

We were so blessed to live in Osho‘s commune for many years and experience the joys of living, loving, laughing, working and creating together. We have always had the vision that Samasati is a communal and collective collaboration.

For this reason, we are creating quarterly communal days for us to come together and work on the land. Our intention is to care for the land—the Earth—together in joy, celebration, and community.

We will have a check-in sharing at the beginning of the day; then we will go over needed projects and see what is your pleasure. There are no obligations or “have to do” anything (come for half or a full day). We will provide a wonderful, healthy lunch and dinner & drinks at the end of the day, followed by time around the fire sharing stories and songs.

We promise you will learn a lot, and have a lot of fun along the way!

In our experience, there is nothing more satisfying and fulfilling than being out in Nature,

in the company of friends and fellow travelers working to create a shared vision.

This is something that is so needed in society right now—for us to leave behind the barriers and illusions of separation and come together to share our love for each other, the community, and the land. This is the way it has always been amongst people that live in harmony with nature.

Saturday, April 10, 10:00 am until evening

Monday Evening Meditations 

The intention is to create a space of spiritual community where we can drop deeper into meditation together.  We will share a different meditation from various traditions all designed to quiet the mind, soften the heart, and connect more deeply with True Nature. Sometimes we will simply sit in silence and then do an inquiry practice afterward. 

We will have a particular theme for each six-week cycle (three evening sessions), such as Acceptance, Humility, Grace, Guidance, Trust, Surrender, etc. Here we will explore how we can cultivate these qualities and see what blocks we have to developing them.

6.15pm – Gather and settle
6.30-8.00pm – Meditation, inquiry and sharing

$10 per session ($25 for three sessions).

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dynamic meditation

Saturday Dynamic Meditation Mornings

In daily life, we pick up so much psychic clutter that turns into emotional baggage that weighs us down. Dynamic Meditation is a powerful one-hour meditation that helps you bring up and release all that you don’t need, freeing you to feel more alive and joyful and more fully yourself. Well worth the effort! Every Saturday morning at 7:30 am.

Community Evening (last Sunday of the month)

We host a community gathering to meditate, share, celebrate and feast together. These are free of charge and open to all.

5.00pm – Meditation
5.30-6.30pm – Sharing from the heart, with deep empathic listening.
6.30-8.00pm – Potluck feast (vegetarian only please)

We will periodically host special themed community gatherings, rituals and ceremonies of various kinds.

Meaningful Movie Night (2nd Sunday of the month)

We host a screening of curated inspiring and informative documentaries, dramatic films or videos on our big screen with surround sound (7 pm).

Full Moon Fire Circle

Weather permitting we host a community fire circle gathering on Full Moon.  A chance to be outside in Nature and watch the moon coming up. An informal gathering where we share food and drink and good company.

Performance Arts Salon Asheville

Performing Arts Salon

We periodically host an exciting “Meaningful Arts” Salon featuring short performances by talented local artists—including music, dance, theater, poetry, performance art, and more—that are inspiring and revelatory.

Sweat Lodges

The lodges are periodically scheduled on a full moon or major sacred days such as equinox or solstice. We follow the accepted ceremonial protocols of the Lakota, Cherokee and other Native American traditions, allowing for a deep purification and amplification of prayers and blessings.

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Special Presentations by Spiritual Teachers and Activist Leaders

We periodically host visiting spiritual teachers, thought leaders or experts on specific ecological or social justice issues—such as climate change, racial equity, etc.

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