Meditation Retreats in Asheville

Meditation Retreats

Here you have an opportunity to return home to yourself, beyond the mind and circumstances of your life, and take time to rest in the natural great peace of our own True Nature.

In inner silence and stillness we may glimpse a truth larger than our self-definitions allow; the simple joy of our inner Being. In this place of pure presence, we find Truth, Peace and Love. On this retreat you will experience a real and tangible way of connecting with the hidden essence of who you truly are; our Buddha nature or our Christ consciousness, our own diamond like True Nature, which is most often buried beneath the noise and numbness but is always available to us.

Meditation retreats with Rajyo offer a structure within which you feel held and guided, with periods of both Yin and Yang yoga, chi gung, and energy enhancing physical practices. There will be some sharing and inquiry practices to help uproot some of the habits of distraction and delusion. There will also be periods of silent sitting, and quiet time in nature. Rajyo believes that with personal introspection and relational interaction, we can enjoy a balanced and harmonious retreat, tending to our human need for both aloneness and relationship.

Rajyo has 40 years of experience and training as practitioner and teacher of many kinds of meditation, and is also qualified as a Yoga teacher in various styles. She brings a contemporary and embodied approach to support others in quieting the mind, opening the heart and listening to the voice of one’s own soul. She helps people find their own unique doorway into the inner realms, where truth, love, peace, joy and true fulfillment lie.

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